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These festive cakes have SUPER SPECIAL pricing based on their pre-set design/flavor combos. Customizing the design will make it subject to Custom Cake pricing.

Sprinkles do not cost extra.


Servings amounts are based on:
(1.5"x2" slices - 1"x2" slices)

4" (serves 4-6) - $15

6" (serves 8-12) - $30

8" (serves 20-24) - $60

10" (serves 27-38) - $85

12" (serves 40-56) - $115


Butterfinger Cake
chocolate cake with 
crushed butterfinger candy
and peanut butter 


Confetti Cake
vanilla confetti cake with 
vanilla buttercream frosting

decorated with rainbow 


German Chocolate Cake
chocolate cake filled with coconut pecan filling and and finished with chocolate



Add an acrylic cake topper starting at just $5

Add a colored or chocolate drip for $5

Strawberry Crunch Cake
Strawberry Cake with vanilla
buttercream and finished off
with strawberry crunch


Italian Cream Cake
Vanilla cake with coconut 
and pecans and Cream
Cheese Frosting


Red Velvet Cake
Layers of rich Red Velvet cake 
covered in fresh Cream 
Cheese frosting


Classic White Cake
Three layers of classic white
cake and vanilla buttercream


Classic Cocolate Cake
Rich chocolate cake with 
Ghirrardelli chocolate butter-
cream and chocolate sprinkles.


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